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The Republic of Indonesia draft Law Number 17 Year 2011 on State Intelligence (2011)

The draft law contains an introduction and the following sections


  1. General Provisions (Articles 1-3)
  2. Roles, Objectives, Functions and Scope (Articles 4-7)
  3. State Intelligence Management (Articles 8-15)
  4. State Intelligence Personnel (Articles 16-24)
  5. Confidentiality of Intelligence (Articles 25-26)
  6. The State Intelligence Agency (Articles 27-37)
  7. Coordination of State Intelligence (Articles (38-40)
  8. Funding, Accountability and Oversight (Articles 41-43)
  9. Penalty Provisions (Articles 44-47)
  10. Closing Provisions (Articles 48-50)
The draft text is followed by an Explanation of 18 pages that provides a background to the draft Law, with a general introduction and an article-by-article explanation.
Indonesia-intelligence law-draft-2011-eng (full text in English, PDF)
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