Secretary-General to conclude her term of service with ICJ

Louise Doswald-Beck has asked the ICJ to release her from her office as Secretary-General of the Commission to enable her to pursue her academic interests, and in particular to work on the study on customary international humanitarian law in which she is engaged.

The Commission has agreed to this request and to Ms Doswald-Beck’s resignation as Secretary-General with effect from 31 August 2003.

Ms Doswald-Beck thanked the Commission for its understanding of her wishes and is satisfied that it is well placed to carry out the programs in which it is engaged and to meet the challenges of the future.

“I found my term with the ICJ very enriching and was delighted to be able to contribute to its work. I have every intention to keep close contacts with the ICJ,” said Ms. Doswald-Beck.

The Commission expressed its gratitude to Ms Louise Doswald-Beck for her contribution to its work and to the constructive reforms she effected during her tenure as Secretary-General.

“The Commission wishes Louise Doswald-Beck well in her future career. We thank her for the very positive contribution she has brought to the organisation and we look forward to her continuing to associate with us in our future work,” said ICJ Executive Committee Chairperson Justice John Dowd.

Mr. Ernst Lueber will be the Acting Secretary-General until a successor is appointed.

ICJ Secretary General concludes term-press release-2003 (text, PDF)



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