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SOGI Casebook chapters Archives: Parenting

LSF y ACP, Family Tribunal of the 4th Court District of the City of Cordoba, Argentina (6 August 2003)

Procedural Posture The plaintiff filed a complaint to the family tribunal to obtain custody of her children, which had previously been granted to her former husband. Facts Following the divorce of the plaintiff and her husband (the respondent), custody of the two children was originally granted to the plaintiff. The original custody decision was reversed […]

J and Another v. Director General, Department of Home Affairs and Others, Constitutional Court of South Africa (28 March 2003)

Procedural Posture The first applicant was denied recognition as a parent to the children whom her partner had conceived by artificial insemination. The couple then filed a complaint before the Durban High Court to obtain constitutional relief, which allowed it. The applicants applied to the Constitutional Court for confirmation of the order issued by the […]

Du Toit v. Ministers for Welfare and Population Development and Others, Constitutional Court of South Africa (10 September 2002)

Procedural Posture The applicants challenged the constitutionality of Sections 17(a), 17(c), and 20(1) of the Child Care Act in the Pretoria High Court. The Minister for Welfare and Population Development, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, and the Commissioner of Child Welfare were joined as respondents. They all withdrew their opposition and gave notice […]

Christian v. Randall, Colorado Court of Appeals, United States (13 November 1973)

Procedural Posture Appeal against the decision of the District Court for Delta County, which granted custody to the appellant’s former spouse, contrary to the couple’s original divorce decree, because the appellant had undergone a female to male sex reassignment following the divorce. Facts The appellant and the petitioner were married in 1953 and had four […]