C. Principal areas of concern and recommendations


32. The Committee commends the State party for achieving gender parity in enrolment in primary education and for setting up a trust fund for girls’ education, but remains concerned about:

(e) The lack of adequate gender and age-appropriate sexual and reproductive health rights education in schools;

33. The Committee recommends that the State party:

(d) Implement comprehensive programmes on sexual and reproductive health and rights as a regular part of the school curriculum, providing girls and boys with adequate, age-appropriate information on responsible sexual choices; Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women

44. The Committee notes that homosexual acts are criminalized in the State party and that “aggravated homosexuality” carries sentences of up to life imprisonment. It also notes with concern acts of incitement to hatred against lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in the State party and the arbitrary detention of women perceived to be lesbian.

45. The Committee urges the State party to repeal the provisions of the Criminal Code on “unnatural offences” and “aggravated homosexuality” , end the arbitrary detention of lesbians and provide them with effective protection from violence and discrimination and provide appropriate training to law enforcement officials.

Link to full text of the report: Concluding Observations-CEDAW-Gambia-2015-eng

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