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Concluding Observations, CEDAW/C/ZAF/CO/4, 5 April 2011: South Africa

Sexual orientation

39. The Committee notes that the State party has in its Constitution the prohibition of discrimination based on the sexual orientation of individuals. However, the Committee expresses grave concern about reported sexual offences and murder committed against women on account of their sexual orientation. The Committee further expresses serious concern about the practice of so called “corrective rape” of lesbians.

40. The Committee calls on the State party to abide by its Constitutional provisions and to provide effective protection from violence and discrimination against women based on their sexual orientation, in particular through the enactment of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that would include the prohibition of multiple forms of discrimination against women on all grounds, including on the grounds of sexual orientation. The Committee further recommends that the State party continue its sensitization campaign aimed at the general public, as well as provide appropriate training to law enforcement officials and other relevant actors.

Link to full text of the report: Concluding Observations-CEDAW-South Africa-2011-eng