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Concluding Observations, CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, 11 April 2007: Czech Republic

18. The Committee notes that several distinctions made under domestic law between the rights of citizens and non-citizens may not be fully justified. It notes in particular that European Union non-citizens, although they are entitled to vote and be elected at local elections, may not belong to a political party. The Committee also notes with concern that a condition under the Act on Registered Partnerships between Persons of the Same sex, currently under debate in Parliament, may be that at least one of the persons be a Czech citizen. (article 5)

The Committee draws the attention of the State party to its general recommendation XXX (2004) on non-citizens, and recalls that differential treatment based on citizenship constitutes discrimination if the criteria for such differentiation, judged in the light of the objectives and purposes of the Convention, are not applied pursuant to a legitimate aim, and are not proportional to the achievement of this aim.

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