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Concluding Observations: Overseas Territories, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, CRC/C/15/Add.135, October 16, 2000


25. (…) However, the Committee remains concerned that insufficient efforts have been made to ensure the full implementation of article 2 of the Convention and that discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and birth status remains apparent in some of the Overseas Territories. In this regard, the Committee notes that legislation, relating to these issues, particularly with respect to sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as the legal minimum age for sexual consent, refers only to girls and does not provide equal and adequate protection for boys. Concern is expressed at the growing gender bias faced by boys evident, inter alia, in their academic underachievement in many of the Overseas Territories, especially the Falkland Islands and the Territories in the Caribbean. The Committee also notes the disparity between the ages for sexual consent to heterosexual and homosexual relations in some of the Overseas Territories. (…)

26. The Committee recommends review of domestic legislation in the Overseas Territories to ensure full compliance with article 2 of the Convention and to prevent and combat discrimination, especially as regards gender, sexual orientation and birth status. In particular, the Territories should amend their legislation to ensure that boys are provided equal and adequate protection against sexual abuse and exploitation. Additionally, the Committee recommends that all appropriate measures be taken to address discrimination arising from the socialization of boys and girls into inappropriate gender roles and the resulting determination of social attitudes concerning children based on gender.

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