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Concluding Observations: Slovakia, CRC/C/SVK/CO/2, June 8, 2007

27. The Committee welcomes the reform of legislation, the adoption of action plans and the monitoring and information collection work carried out on the issue of discrimination. Nevertheless, the Committee expresses its concern that the Anti- Discrimination Act does not provide protection from discrimination in the areas of social security, healthcare, education and provision of goods and services on the grounds of ethnicity, disability, religion or belief, and sexual orientation. The Committee also notes that the action plans are the only comprehensive and systematic tools of the State Party’s Government in the area of preventing discrimination and intolerance. The Committee remains concerned that in practice certain groups continue to experience discrimination. The Committee is also concerned that, parents do not want their children to have any contact with Roma children from residential homes and that in some cases, citizens have rejected by referendum the existence of a children’s home in the municipality and have caused the home to be re-located.

28. The Committee urges the State party to ensure full protection under the “Anti-Discrimination Act” against discrimination on the grounds of, ethnicity, disability, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. The Committee also urges the State party to strengthen its awareness-raising and other preventive activities against discrimination, and, if necessary, to take affirmative actions for the benefit of certain vulnerable groups of children, especially the Roma. The State party should ensure that its action plans to prevent discrimination and intolerance are comprehensive, addressing all forms of discrimination against individuals or groups. The Committee also urges the State party to take all necessary measures to ensure that cases of discrimination against children in all sectors of society are addressed effectively.

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