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Report of the Independent Expert on older persons, A/HRC/33/44/Add.1, 4 August 2016: Costa Rica

V. Conclusions and recommendations

B. Recommendations to the Government

3. Studies and statistics

76. The Independent Expert recommends that Costa Rica conduct an updated study into the situation of older persons in order to pinpoint the trends and challenges that currently affect them, and in particular older women and women who live in rural and remote areas, women who belong to indigenous populations, populations of African descent, migrant, refugee and undocumented populations and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons. The study will be a vital tool for discussing and analysing the challenges posed by the ageing population and for developing specific public policies which improve the living conditions of these groups, which lack visibility. The Independent Expert also stresses the need to ensure that older persons are included and effectively participate in meetings and consultations which concern them.

8. Care

102. Whenever older persons live in homes or establishment that provide them with care or treatment, the State should ensure respect for the diversity of needs, diets, beliefs or religions, together with the right to privacy. Particular attention should be given to the diversity of older persons living in these establishments, to ensure respect for cultural and religious diversity and sexual orientations.

Link to full text of the report: report-ieolder-costarica-2016-eng