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Report of the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, A/HRC/19/60/Add.2, 27 January 2012: Moldova


C. Manifestations of intolerance

46. A general climate of scepticism was noticeable also with regard to State institutions, with the result that acts of positive civic engagement apparently remain rare. Moreover, a broad and stable consensus that the public sphere –in terms of both physical public places and a culture of public discourse – should be open for everybody in a non-discriminatory manner may still be lacking.

This has detrimental consequences for minorities, which continue to face difficulties when trying to meet or present their views in the public sphere. For instance, recently, a group of Seventh-Day Adventists, and members of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender groups, were denied the use of central public spaces in Chisinau, reportedly as a result of opposition voiced by some sectors from within the Orthodox Church or affiliated groups.

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