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Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, A/HRC/19/55/Add.2, 23 February 2012: Ukraine


377. AL 24/11/10 Case no.: UKR 5/2010 State Reply: 04/02/11 – Alleged harassment against human rights defenders.

378. JUA 24/11/10 Case no.: UKR 6/2010 State Reply: 21/02/11 – Alleged attack against members of LGBTI organisations.


379. The Special Rapporteur thanks the Government of Ukraine for providing details of the investigations carried out in respect to the concerns previously raised. Nonetheless, the Special Rapporteur urges the Government to ensure that human rights defenders do not face harassment or discrimination in connection with their work, and to take steps to create a safe environment conducive to this work. In this respect, the Special Rapporteur wishes to refer the Government of Ukraine to the recommendations put forward in her 2010 report to the Human Rights Council (/HRC/13/22), particularly paras. 113 and 114. Furthermore, the Special Rapporteur respectfully reminds the Government of Ukraine of its obligations as outlined in the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, particularly article 12, para. 2.

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