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Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, A/HRC/20/16/Add.6, 21 June 2012: Italy


98. With reference to what the UN report states about the presence of transsexual prisoners in male wings of prisons, it is to be said that the management of that category of prisoners still represents a critical issue. With the purpose of ensuring a decent detention to transsexual prisoners, (who are 77, according the last survey of October 2011), the Italian Penitentiary Administration has given several instructions to prison governors so that they adopt solutions aimed at avoiding promiscuity situations, accommodating those subjects in female wings or, anyway, in separate wings; governors were also instructed to adopt such organizational measures as reducing the risk for the prisoners’ safety. Specific wings for transsexual prisoners are established in the prisons of Naples Poggioreale, Rimini, Rome Rebibbia “Nuovo Complesso”, Milan “San Vittore”, Alba, Foggia, Agrigento, Florence Sollicciano and Belluno.

133. From November 28, 2011 it also possible to report case of discrimination related to disability, age, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity to the contact center 800 90 10 10 managed by UNAR (National Office against Racial Discrimination) established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the implementation of EU Directive 43/2000. After a trial of just over a year, and taking into account the interconnection with the contact center UNAR widespread on the national territory, it is possible to improve the promotion and ensure the respect of the principle of equal treatment. The free helpline is available from Monday through Friday, from 10 to 20 in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Chinese.

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