47. Although boys and men may also become targets, {{1}} HRV (honour related violence) serves to ensure women’s conformity with group norms and sustain control over their sexuality, as honour is seen to reside in the bodies of women.

66. There are about 20,000 women in prostitution in the Netherlands (8,000 in Amsterdam alone). An estimated two thirds of them are immigrant women from developing countries or Eastern Europe. In addition, there are smaller numbers of men and transgender persons in prostitution.

67. VAW occurring in the context of prostitution remains a significant problem. In 2004 alone, 405 cases of trafficking in women were registered by the Dutch Foundation against Trafficking in Women, which organizes shelter and other support for victims. The vast majority of detected trafficking cases relate to the sexual exploitation of women, although trafficking of women (and men) for the purpose of labour exploitation has also become increasingly more visible.

[[1]] Men can become targets of HRV (Honor-related violence) if they refuse to take part in the punishment of female family members or for being an accomplice to the dishonourable act. Experts in the Netherlands also tend to view homosexual or bisexual immigrant men suffering violence at the hands of homophobic family or community members through the prism of HRV. Defining honour as a general trait of certain groups and considering all related acts of violence as HRV conceals its particularities as a form of VAW.[[1]]

Link to full text of the report: Misssion report-SR Violence against Women-Netherlands-2007-eng

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