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Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the situation of human rights defenders, A/HRC/4/37/Add.1, 27 March 2007: Brazil

Killings or attempts of killing

92. Claudio Alves dos Santos, from the Centro de Referencia contra a Violencia e a Discrimaçao Homosexual (CERCONVIDH). CERCONVIDH is an organisation that works in defence of the rights of homosexuals and lesbians and  engenders  communication  between public security bodies, human rights organizations and homosexuals and lesbians. Mr Alves dos Santos had worked as a volunteer for CERCONVIDH and had also organized and participated in workshops to inform homosexuals and lesbians of their rights. According to the information received, Mr Alves dos Santos disappeared on 7 October 2005. His body was found three days later, reportedly with signs that he had been tortured. It is further alleged that in May and June 2005, the coordinator of CERCONVIDH had received death threats that were reported to the Human Rights Ombudsman, but that no investigations were undertaken by the authorities. Grave concern is expressed that the murder of Mr Alves dos Santos and the alleged threats against him are connected with the activities of CERCONVIDH in defence of the human rights of homosexuals and lesbians, in particular because Mr Alves dos Santos and CERCONVIDH had campaigned against impunity in relation to the alleged massacre of 30 transvestites which took place in Baixada Fluminense on 31 March 2005.

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