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Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the situation of human rights defenders, A/HRC/7/28/Add.1, 3 March 2008: Israel

1248. In a letter dated 5 November 2007, the Israeli Government further responded (following initial responses on 7 and 18 December 2006) to a letter of allegations sent by the Special Representative on 1 December 2006 concerning threats against participants in a proposed Gay Pride Parade, which had been scheduled to take place in Jerusalem on 10 November 2006. In the letter the Government stated that  resistance  to  the  holding  of the parade from ultra-orthodox members of the Jewish community, Muslims, and Christians has been particularly strong, following violence at the previous year’s parade, including the stabbing of three participants by an ultraorthodox man.

1249. Following protracted negotiations between the Parade organisers and the authorities a route had been agreed for the parade scheduled for 10 November 2006; however some days beforehand, the security situation in Jerusalem deteriorated and the city’s District Commander informed the organisers that there would not be sufficient police forces available to guarantee security at the parade. The Government letter also stated that the authorities suggested postponing the event for one week but that the parade organisers elected to instead hold a rally at the Hebrew University’s Stadium of Givat Ram in Kiryar Ha’leom. This event, approved by police, was attended by thousands of people and passed off peacefully.

Link to full text of the report: Summary of cases-SR Human Rights Defenders-2008-eng