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Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the situation of human rights defenders, A/HRC/7/28/Add.1, 3 March 2008: Turkey

1899. The same letter of 25 May 2007 also responded to a letter of allegations, sent by the Special Representative on 17 August 2006, concerning the confiscation by police, on 8 August 2006 of the magazine published by Kaos GL, a Gay Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Organisation. The letter stated that Mr Umut Güner, owner and publisher of the magazine, was acquitted of the charge of publishing obscene materials, by the decision of the 2nd Court of First Instance of Ankara, dated 28 February 2007. The Court also decided that the confiscated editions of the magazine be returned to Mr Güner once the decision had been finalized.

Link to full text of the report: Summary of cases-SR Human Rights Defenders-2008-eng