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SOGI UN keywords Archives: HIV/AIDS

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, E/CN.4/2003/67, December 30, 2002

74. With respect to access to information for the purposes of education and prevention of HIV/AIDS, the Special Rapporteur wishes first to underline that the level of protection of human rights in a given country has a direct impact on the spread of the epidemic, and that the realization of human rights, in particular of […]

Concluding Observations, CCPR/CO/70/TTO, 31 October 2000: Trinidad and Tobago

11. The Committee urges that priority be given to all necessary preparations, so as to bring into force by proclamation at the earliest possible date the Equal Opportunities Act. The State party should, thereafter, introduce amending legislation to extend the provisions of the Act to those suffering discrimination on grounds of age, sexual orientation, pregnancy […]

Annual Report of the Committee, Report on the Nineteenth Session to the General Assembly, CRC/C/80, October 9, 1998

236. […] Participants pointed out that discrimination based on sexual orientation was also of particular relevance in the context of HIV/AIDS, as homosexual boys and girls, as well as belonging to a particularly vulnerable group, often faced acute discrimination. link to full text of Annual Report:

Report of the Secretary-General on international and domestic measures taken to protect human rights and prevent discrimination in the context of HIV/AIDS, E/CN.4/1995/45, 22 December 1994

13. Secondly, individuals and groups in society who are disadvantaged and/or do not enjoy the full exercise of their rights are particularly vulnerable to infection as they have limited or no access to HIV/AIDS-related education, prevention and health-care programmes. Such groups include women, children, minorities, migrants, indigenous peoples, men having sex with men, commercial sex […]