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Concluding Observations, CCPR/C/IRL/CO/4, 23 July 2014: Ireland

Gender equality 7. While welcoming the Convention on the Constitution’s recommendation of February 2013, the State party’s commitment to hold a referendum on the matter and the establishment of a task force, the Committee regrets the slow pace of progress in modifying the language of article 41.2 of the Constitution on the role of women […]

Concluding Observations, CEDAW/C/SRB/CO/2-3, 30 July 2013: Serbia

National Strategy for the Improvement of the Status of Women and Promotion of Gender Equality (2009-2015) 16. The Committee notes the adoption of numerous strategies and action plans, including a national strategy for the improvement of the status of women and promotion of gender equality for 2009-2015 and a national plan of action for its […]

General Recommendation No. 29 on article 16 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, Economic consequences of marriage, family relations and their dissolution, CEDAW/C/GC/29, 26 February 2013

IV. VARIOUS FORMS OF FAMILY 16. General recommendation No. 21, in its paragraph 13, acknowledges that families take many forms and underscores the obligation of equality within the family under all systems, “both at law and in private”. 17. Subsequent statements by other entities in the United Nations system confirm this understanding that “the concept […]

Concluding Observations, CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, 11 April 2007: Czech Republic

18. The Committee notes that several distinctions made under domestic law between the rights of citizens and non-citizens may not be fully justified. It notes in particular that European Union non-citizens, although they are entitled to vote and be elected at local elections, may not belong to a political party. The Committee also notes with […]