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SOGI UN source Archives: Committee against Torture

Concluding Observations: Argentina, CAT/C/CR/33/1, December 10, 2004

D. Subjects of concern 6. The Committee expresses its concern at the following: […] (g) Allegations of torture and ill-treatment of certain other vulnerable groups, such as members of the indigenous communities, sexual minorities and women. full text of the Concluding Observations:

Communication No. 213/2002: Sweden, CAT/C/31/D/213/2002, Mr. E. J. V. M. v Sweden, November 28, 2003

( The complainant is E. J. V. M., a Costa Rican citizen, born in 1956, currently residing clandestinely in Sweden, following the rejection by Sweden on 19 February 2002 of his application for asylum) 2.5 The complainant claims that, because of his Communist affiliations, he was prevented from working in the National Theatre Company and […]

Communication No 190/2001: Netherlands, CAT/C/30/D/190/2001, K.S.Y. v Netherlands, May 26, 2003

(The complainant is a citizen of Iran, born on 23 August 1950, whose application for refugee status was rejected in the Netherlands) 7.3 Concerning the alleged difficulties faced by the complainant because of his sexual orientation, the Committee notes a number of contradictions and inconsistencies in his account of past abuses at the hand of […]

Concluding Observations: Venezuela, CAT/C/CR/29/2, December 23, 2002

C. Subjects of concern 10. The Committee expresses its concern at the following: […] (d) Complaints of threats and attacks against sexual minorities and transgender activists, particularly in the State of Carabobo. link to full text of Concluding Observations:

Concluding Observations: Egypt, CAT/C/CR/29/4, December 23, 2002

D. Subjects of concern 5. The Committee is concerned about the following: […] (e) The reports received concerning ill-treatment inflicted on men because of their real or alleged homosexual inclinations, apparently encouraged by the lack of adequate clarity in penal legislation; 6. The Committee recommends that the State party: […] (k) Remove all ambiguity in […]

Concluding Observations: Brazil, A/56/44, May 16, 2001

C. Subjects of concern 119. The Committee expresses its concern about the following: […] (b) The overcrowding, lack of amenities and poor hygiene in prisons, the lack of basic services and of appropriate medical attention in particular, violence between prisoners and sexual abuse. The Committee is particularly concerned about allegations of ill- treatment and discriminatory […]