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SOGI UN source Archives: Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Report of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention: “V. Regarding the Arbitrary Nature on the Ground of Discrimination – of Detention Motivated by Sexual Orientation”, E/CN.4/2003/8, December 16, 2002

68. Having received a communication concerning 55 persons prosecuted and detained on account of their homosexuality, the Working Group took the view that their detention was arbitrary because it violated articles 2, paragraph 1, and 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which guarantee equality before the law and the right to […]

Report of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention: “Civil and political rights, including the questions of torture and detention”, E/CN.4/2004/3, December 15, 2003

III. Issues of concern A. Discrimination 73. The Working Group has also been informed that, in some countries, drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals and people suffering from AIDS are locked up on the grounds that they represent a risk to society, and people are given prison sentences solely because of their sexual orientation. Having received a […]