South African incident: the Ganyile case

The Ganyile case records another unhappy episode in the history of the arbitrary methods employed by the Government of South Africa.

The International Commission of Jurists, since its foundation almost ten years ago, has been deeply concerned about the situation in South Africa. The matter was discussed at length and a resolution passed on the subject at the first International Congress of Jurists held by the Commission in Athens, Greece, in June 1955.

The Commission has sent observers to the Treason Trials as well as on investigatory missions to South Africa; it has published lengthy articles in its Journal and Bulletin and on every possible occasion has condemned the policy of apartheid and the actions of the South African Government in enforcing the tenets of this onerous philosophy which violates the very fundamentals of the Rule of Law.

In November 1960 the Commission published an extensive report entitled South Africa and the Rule of Law as part of its unceasing efforts to call world attention to the systematic injustice prevailing in the Republic of the Union of South Africa and to bring to the notice of that Government the feelings of deep revulsion shared by the world legal community over the continued repressive measures used against the Africans.

South Africa-Ganyile case-thematic report-1962-eng (full text in English, PDF)

South Africa-Ganyile case-thematic report-1962-fra (full text in French, PDF)

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