Tajikistan: regional conference on the role and protection of lawyers

Today the ICJ, in co-operation with the Legal Policy Research Centre and the Union of Lawyers of Tajikistan, is holding a regional conference on the independence and role of lawyers, in Dushanbe.

Lawyers from Tajikistan as well as other countries of Central Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe will discuss the legal safeguards that should apply to lawyers to ensure that they can defend the human rights of their clients and the role of bar associations in protecting the security and independence of lawyers.

They will consider the role of committees to protect the rights of lawyers, which have been established within the bar associations of several countries in the region, and how these specialized bodies can work most effectively.

A set of recommendations on the protection of lawyers in the region will be produced following the conference.


Temur Shakirov, Senior Legal Advisor, Europe and Central Asia Programme, temur.shakirov(a)icj.org

Tajikistan-Lawyers Conference-News-Agenda-2018-ENG (Agenda, in PDF)

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