Thailand: The ICJ and Human Rights Watch express concerns over detentions

The ICJ and Human Rights Watch have expressed concerns regarding the detention of non military persons in a military base facility and the deaths of two detainees held there.

In an open letter to the Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations in Geneva, the ICJ and Human Rights Watch today raised their serious concern at the establishment of a detention facility holding non-military persons named the Nakhon Chaisri temporary remand facility (“the Facility”) inside the 11th Army Circle military base in Bangkok, and the recent deaths of two detainees who were held there.

The ICJ and Human Rights Watch concluded the letter by making six urgent recommendations to the Royal Thai Government, including to:

1. Immediately transfer all non-military persons detained at the Facility to an officially recognized civilian place of detention that complies with international law and standards and ensure no further non-military prisoners are detained at this Facility or any other similar facility; and

2. Carry out a prompt, impartial, and effective investigation into the recent deaths of Suriyan Sucharitpolwong and Prakrom Warunprapa,prosecute and bring to justice any party found responsible, and ensure the victims’ families have access to effective remedies and reparation.

The letter was also copied to the Prime Minister of Thailand, the Director General of the Department of Corrections and the Minister of Justice.


Wilder Tayler, Secretary-General, wilder.tayler(a)

Open letter:

Thailand-Detention-Advocay-OpenLetter-2015-ENG (English – in PDF)

Thailand-Detention_Advocacy-OpenLetter-2015-THAI (Thai – in PDF)

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