Thailand: ICJ and ARTICLE 19 workshop to enhance skills and knowledge for a strong civil society

Civil society actors discussed how to bring Thai law and practices in compliance with international law and standards, and enhance their engagement with the UN human rights mechanisms, in a workshop organized by the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), in cooperation with ARTICLE 19, between 21 and 22 October 2022 in the province of Khon Kaen, in the country’s Northeast.

The two-day workshop provided some 15 civil society actors and activists from Northeastern
Thailand with knowledge, practical skills and expert advice, with participants themselves
sharing their own experiences and expertise.

The training aimed to address the gaps in skills and knowledge of civil society actors,
including on international human rights law and standards, human rights documentation,
and engagement with the UN human rights mechanisms.

The main thematic areas discussed included the rights to freedom of expression,
information and peaceful assembly; land and economic, social and cultural rights; and
gender equality.

In addition to explaining what the UN mechanisms are and how they work, the workshop
discussed how civil society actors can use the outputs of UN human rights mechanisms in
their professional activities, as well as how to communicate with the UN human rights
mechanisms to ensure the most effective engagement.

ICJ legal advisers, along with a colleague from ARTICLE 19, introduced the sessions through
a series of presentations, followed by discussions and practical exercises in which all
participants were encouraged to ask questions and contribute their own observations.

The workshop also aimed to encourage the building of relationships and networks between
civil society actors across the region.

The (unofficial) translations of key UN publications into Thai were also shared with the

Sanhawan Srisod, Associate International Legal Adviser, ICJ Asia Pacific Programme; e:

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