Thailand: Symposium on the Military and the Law: issues of obedience, compliance and enforcement

The ICJ supports a Symposium organized by the Judge Advocate General’s Department of the Ministry of Defence on “The Military and the Law: Issues of Obedience, Compliance and Enforcement”.

Following the success of a previous ICJ-JAG Symposium on “The Rule of Law and the Military” held in 2008, this event is designed to enhance understanding within the military legal community of the importance of the rule of law and human rights in an enforcement context. The Symposium will be held from 1-3 December 2010 at the Royal River Hotel, Bangkok and will be attended by military legal professionals, members of the judiciary and academia, government officials and civil society representatives.


1. To enhance the knowledge and understanding of military officers in the Judge Advocate General’s Department and other military departments and agencies regarding the national and international legal framework applicable to their activities, in order that they may provide legal opinions to their commanders and agencies, a duty essential to ensuring that the operations of the Ministry of Defence and associated agencies comply with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand and relevant laws.

2. To provide an opportunity for military officers to meet and to exchange opinions with civilian experts, members of civil society and representatives of the media in order to build and strengthen good working relationships.

Co-Hosts:  The Judge Advocate General’s Department, Ministry of Defence of Thailand and The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)

Dates:    3 days, 1-3 December 2010

Location:   Royal River Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand-symposiumagenda-news-2010 (full text, PDF)

Thailand-symposiumagenda-news-2010-tha  (full text in Thai, PDF)