The DRC urged to hold accountable the company Anvil Mining for its involvement in the “Kilwa massacre”

The ICJ has welcomed the recent decision of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) on a recent decision found the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) responsible for the massacre of 70 people in Kilwa in 2004.

In its decision, the Commission not only urges the DRC State to pay 2.5 million US dollars compensation to eight victims and their families but also urges the DRC to prosecute Anvil Mining’s personnel involved in the massacre. 

The African Commission also acknowledged the involvement of mining company Anvil Mining, an Australian-Canadian company (later bought by the Chinese company MinMetals) operating a copper and silver mine in Dikulushi, located 50 kilometers from Kilwa, that would
have provided logistical support to soldiers who bombarded civilians.

This decision sheds light on the corporate legal responsibility for human rights abuses, particularly in the extractive
industry sector, and suggests legal avenues for action against Anvil for alleged abuses.

Universal-KilwaMassacre-News-2017-ENG (full pdf ENG)