The ICJ concludes visit to North Mara mine in Tanzania

Today, an ICJ delegation concluded a learning and assessment mission to the North Mara region and the North Mara Gold Mine Ltd, a subsidiary of Acacia Mining plc located in north-west Tanzania in the Tarime district of the Mara region.

The visit took place between 27 August and 1 September.

The objective of the ICJ Mission was to learn about the operation with a view to assessing the effectiveness of the North Mara Gold Mine’s operational grievance mechanism (OGM) in addressing complaints over alleged human rights concerns and abuses committed in connection with the mine’s operations.

The members of the ICJ delegation were: ICJ Commissioners Justice Ian Binnie and Alejandro Salinas, accompanied by Mr Carlos Lopez, ICJ Senior Legal Adviser, and Mrs Antonella Angelini, researcher.

Read the full story here: Tanzania-BHR mission North Mara-News-Features article-2017-ENG (in PDF)

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