The re-appointment of María Consuelo Porras as attorney general of Guatemala: a clear endorsement of impunity and corruption

As Right Livelihood, Réseau International des Droits de L’homme (RIDH), Center for Civil and Political Rights (CCPR), International Commission of Jurists and WOLA have come together to condemn the re-appointment of María Consuelo Porras as Attorney General of Guatemala, the group has released a joint statement on the matter.

The re-appointment constitutes a missed opportunity for Guatemala to strengthen human rights and justice. The nominating commission did not guarantee a fair process to select an individual with high integrity and ability with appropriate training and qualifications, as required by the UN Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors. We believe the nomination of Ms. Porras is testament to the lack of transparency and conflicts of interest facing Guatemala’s institutions.


Find the complete statement here.

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