Tunisia: the ICJ holds a workshop promoting accountability through the Specialized Criminal Chambers

On 27 and 28 April 2019, the ICJ held a workshop on “Ensuring accountability through the Specialized Criminal Chambers” in coordination with the Association des Magistrats Tunisiens (AMT).

Participants in the workshop included 28 Tunisian judges attached to the Specialized Criminal Chambers (SCC).

The workshop aimed to reinforce the capacity of SCC judges to effectively exercise their role in adjudicating crimes under international law, in line with international law and standards.

ICJ legal advisers and Tunisian experts gave presentations on State the obligations of State actors to respect and apply international law, the legal framework governing the application of international law in Tunisia, and the principle of legality and statutory limitations to crimes under international law. They also spoke on the international and domestic definitions of crimes under international law and modes of liability.

Through working group and plenary sessions, the participants discussed options for applying international law and standards at the national level.

Expert speakers included Judge Brahim Weslati, Judge Radhouane Werthy and Imen Soussi.






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