Turkey: System of criminal peace judges not independent or impartial, says new joint briefing paper

Today, the ICJ and the Human Rights Joint Platform (IHOP) published a briefing paper on the system of Turkish Criminal Peace Judgeships and its compliance with international law.

Since their creation in 2014, the Turkish criminal peace judgeships have been the focus of much criticism with regard to violations of human rights, as they are at the forefront of the authorisation or judicial review of decisions restricting the right to liberty and other human rights.

This briefing paper assesses the institution of the criminal peace judgeships in Turkey, established in 2014, and its compliance with the obligations undertaken by Turkey under international human rights law.

The ICJ-IHOP briefing paper concludes that the system of the criminal peace judges in Turkey does not meet international standards for independent and impartial review of detention, and suggests a set of detailed constitutional and legislative reforms to put the system back in line with Turkey’s human rights obligations.

The publication in English here.
The publication in Turkish here.