Turkmenistan: ICJ holds a roundtable on the role of the legal profession

Today, the ICJ holds a seminar in Turkmenistan, on “Comparative perspectives on the role of lawyers”.

The event organized in Ashgabat, with support of the EU Liaison Office in Turkmenistan, provides an important opportunity to discuss the questions of organization of an independent legal profession and the ethics of lawyers in the countries of the EU and Central Asia.

“Along with judges and prosecutors, lawyers are key participants in the administration of justice. Ensuring fair trial rights is intrinsically linked with the right to legal assistance by lawyers who are able to perform their duties independently and with full respect of profession’s ethical standards,” said Temur Shakirov, ICJ Europe Programme Legal Adviser.

“To achieve this they organize themselves through associations of lawyers,” he added.

The workshop takes a comparative approach and looks into the role of lawyers in several jurisdictions, including the organisation of the legal profession as well as the professional standards for lawyers in Germany, Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The speakers will also discuss international standards on the role of lawyers and their ethics.

Gulnora Ishankhanova, an ICJ Commissioner, will represent the ICJ along with other experts, including senior lawyers from the ICJ network.

They will present comparative national perspectives on the role of lawyers in their respective countries, placing them in the context of global and regional standards.

Representatives of lawyers’ associations in Turkmenistan will present the experience of Turkmenistan.

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