Human Rights Council: ICJ oral statement during the Interactive Dialogue with the Commission of Inquiry on Syria

The ICJ today delivered an oral statement at the UN Human Rights Council during the Interactive Dialogue with the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic concerning accountability and other measures to address the Syrian conflict.

In the statement the ICJ called upon the UN Human Rights Council and the Security Council to respond to the findings of the 10th report of the Syria Commission of Inquiry, including with a view to ensuring accountability for the serious violations of international law.

The ICJ also called upon all states to comply with their obligations under international law vis-à-vis the Syrian conflict, including by searching for all those responsible for international crimes committed in this conflict and bringing them before their own courts, and by protecting the rights of Syrian refugees and abiding by the principle of non-refoulement.

The full statement may be downloaded in PDF format, here: Syria-UN-HRC30-OralStatement-Advocay-non legal submission-2015-ENG


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