UN: ICJ supports ban on non-human rights compliant AI apps and expresses concern at attacks on Special Procedures’ work

Before the UN Human Rights Council, the ICJ today expressed support on the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ call to ban AI applications that are not human rights compliant and expressed support for UN Special Procedures’ work.

“Madam President,

The ICJ takes notes of the work of the Advisory Committee on negative effects of terrorism and new emerging technologies.

The report on negative effects of terrorism has now correctly focused on a human rights-centered approach. This is sorely needed after twenty years of global counter-terrorism policies that have failed to curb terrorism and have fostered human rights violations and impunity. As this session’s report by the Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances underlined, the Council should pay dedicated attention to these priorities.

We note the Advisory Committee’s report on new emerging technologies and welcome the High Commissioner’s call for a ban on AI application that cannot be operated in compliance with international human rights law and for a moratorium on remote biometric recognition technologies.

Finally, the ICJ is concerned at attacks on the work of Special Procedures mandate holders by several States, and the lack of cooperation by certain States with them. Special Procedures are the eyes and ears of this Council and their effectivess and independence must be ensured and protected.

I thank you.”


Massimo Frigo, ICJ UN Representative, e: massimo.frigo(a)icj.org, t: +41797499949

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