UN Statement: Private Military Security Companies

The ICJ today called for international legal regulation of private military and security companies, in an oral statement tot he UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and welcomed recent steps towards this goal.

The statement, made during general debate on thematic concerns, read as follows:

The ICJ welcomes the opportunity to comment on the “Report of the open-ended intergovernmental working group to consider the possibility of elaborating an international regulatory framework on the regulation, monitoring and oversight of the activities of private military and security companies on its sixth session.” (A/HRC/36/36)

The ICJ notes with satisfaction the consensus reached among States to commence elaborating the content of “an international regulatory framework” in efforts to protect human rights and ensure accountability for violations and abuses relating to the activities of private military and private security companies (para. 28).

The ICJ joins the Working Group on Mercenaries’ call for an international legally binding instrument “to ensure consistent regulation worldwide and adequate protection of human rights of all affected” by activities of PMSCs ((A/HRC/36/47, para. 67). This instrument would provide common standards on regulation and prevention as well as on measures to ensure access to effective remedies and reparations by the victims of abuse, areas where the working group has identified gaps of protection.

Broad-based participation by all stakeholders is critical for the success of the process, its legitimacy, the adequacy of its content as well as for the effectiveness of its implementation. The ICJ calls on the Chairperson Rapporteur ensure wide participation, especially from civil society from the developing countries.

The ICJ calls on this Council to support the renewal of the Open Ended Intergovernmental working Group as recommended in the report (A/HRC/36/36) and to actively participate in its deliberations.

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