Zimbabwe – ICJ, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and National Prosecuting Authority work to strengthen capacity to tackle corruption

The ICJ, in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), convened a two-day workshop on 14-15 November 2019. The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the capacities of investigators and prosecutors to effectively investigate and prosecute cases of corruption.

The Deputy Chairperson of ZACC Mr Kuziva Murapa, noted that the training as meant to impart critical skills to the investigators and prosecutors in the fight against corruption. He noted further that the two institutions were being trained together so as to exchange knowledge and create a common understanding of standards and techniques to be applied when handling corruption matters. Noting that the Commission‘s powers include cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, Mr Murapa urged ZACC and NPA to cooperate in the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe.

The training workshop is part of the ICJ’s in-country programming which aims to increase transparency and integrity in the justice delivery in order to increase access to justice for all especially women and marginalized and disadvantaged groups.

This training workshop focuses on crimes associated with corruption, evidence gathering, expert evidence, understanding forensic audit reports, criminal procedure, the importance of closing submissions, regional and international standards for combatting corruption and asset forfeiture.

The participants for this meeting included; 20 investigating officers and 20 prosecutors stationed in Harare. Overall, there were 20 female and 23 male participants in attendance at the workshop.

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