Arab Court of Human Rights: the Tunis Declaration published

Following a recent international conference, the ICJ and the other participants elaborated and signed the Tunis Declaration on the Arab Court of Human Rights.Among other things, the Tunis declaration (see below) is calling for the members of the League of Arab States (LAS) to refrain from ratifying the Statute of the Arab Court unless and until it is revised in accordance with international standards, with a view to creating an effective Arab human rights court.

The conference was organized from 8-9 April in Tunis by the ICJ and the Legal Agenda, and attended by international, regional and national judges, lawyers, human rights defenders and members of civil society.

Key provisions of the Statute of the Court, which was adopted by the Ministerial Council of the League of Arab States on 7 September 2014, were discussed and assessed in light of the experience and practice of regional human rights systems and international mechanisms.

Conference participants identified both shortcomings of the Statute and the necessary reforms required to establish a court that provides meaningful access to individuals alleging a violation of their human rights.

A detailed analysis of the provisions of the Statute can be found in the ICJ’s report, The Arab Court of Human Rights: A Flawed Statute for an Ineffective Court, published on 8 April 2015 (to access the Statute of the Court, see annex 1 of the ICJ report).

MENA-Arab Court Tunis Declaration-Advocacy-2015-ENG (full text in PDF, English)

MENA-Arab Court Tunis Declaration-Advocacy-2015-ARA (full text in PDF, Arabic)


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