A manual on trial observation – Practitioners’ Guide N°5

A fair trial is essential, not only for protecting the human rights of the accused and those of victims but also to ensure proper administration of justice, which is a key component of the rule of law.

In this context trial observation can be a crucial tool in efforts to defend human rights and the primacy of the rule of law. The right to observe trials stems from the general right to promote and secure the protection and realisation of human rights.
This Practitioners Guide provides the prospective trial observer with practical advice on how to carry out a trial observation. It outlines the various criteria and operational aspects that need to be borne in mind when preparing for, and conducting, a trial observation. It also provides a systematic overview of the international norms and standards relating to fair trial and due process in criminal proceedings.

This Manual provides trial observers with practical guidance on how to prepare for a trial observation mission, carry out the observation and write the follow-up report. It also provides a synthesis of the basic legal standards applicable in relation to (i) the right to a fair trial, (ii) the right to remedy of victims of human rights violations, and (iii) combating impunity.

This is the first trial observation manual which includes analysis of international standards on the right to remedy of victims of human rights violations or combating impunity.

Universal-trial observation manual-Human-Rights-Rule-of-Law-series-2009-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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