Netherlands: ICJ and NJCM highlight report of UN expert on racism

The ICJ and its Dutch national section today highlighted findings and recommendations of the UN Special Rapporteur on racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia, on her visit to the Netherlands.

The statement was prepared for the ICJ by its Dutch national section, Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten (NJCM), for today’s interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur at the UN Human Rights Council, but could not be read out during the meeting due to limited time allowed for civil society statements:

“Madam Special Rapporteur,

The ICJ highly appreciates your dedicated work in the fight against racism, and welcomes your report following your country visit to the Netherlands last October. During this visit you met our colleagues from the Dutch section of the ICJ, who have prepared and join in this statement.

The ICJ shares your concern that the highest levels of political office in the Netherlands do not reflect the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of its society. The extent in which under-representation still plays a role in the Netherlands is worrisome. This is reflected in the lack of inclusive and non-discriminatory policies.

The ICJ agrees that a full account of the history of slavery and colonialism is fundamental in Dutch education. The essence of this education must highlight how the exploitation of colonized peoples and territories normalized racial and cultural hierarchies. Racial relations in the Netherlands will not be understood in context without a fair and accurate account of history.

The ICJ commends you for addressing the systemic and institutional nature of racism within the Netherlands on an intersectional level and we call upon the government to fulfill its human rights obligations in this regard.

Madam Rapporteur could you share good practices in which governments collect data on ethnic minorities to help protect human rights while protecting against misuse of the data?

Thank you.”




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