ICJ Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

The ICJ is on the front lines to provide efficient and unique legal tools to fight illegal Covid-19 emergency measures. An emergency funding appeal is launched to support this fight.

While the world is focusing on the global health effects of the pandemic, rule of law and human rights violations are taking place, daily, unaccounted for:

  • Failure to access healthcare of all people in India, Libya and South Africa;
  • Enacting effective bans on abortion in some states in the USA;
  • Failure to adequately tackle skyrocketing domestic violence around the globe during lockdown;
  • Rights of refugees, stateless persons and destitute migrants being trampled on worldwide;
  • LGBT minorities refused access to shelters;
  • The abuse of emergency measures to restrict freedom of speech and erode the rule of law in Hungary;
  • Attacks on the independence of the judiciary in Poland;
  • Curtailing of due process and fair trial rights
  • … and more.

The ICJ is on the front lines to document, advocate and provide efficient legal tools for civil society and the legal community to stop these abuses.

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