ICJ presents its new reports on special economic regimes and their impact on social rights in Peru and Morocco

On 18 November, the ICJ presented and discussed, in a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels, its two reports on special economic regimes and their impact on social rights in Peru and Morocco.

MEP Richard Howitt, Member of the Subcommittee on Human Rights at the Parliament, and ICJ Commissioner Olivier De Schutter led the discussions.

The reports highlight the impact on rights, including labour and social security, land and water rights, of special economic regimes that aim at facilitating exports and investment in areas such as agriculture and textile.

The meeting enabled discussion of the role that the EU and its member states can and should play in its general dialogue and cooperation with the two countries, particularly in regard to trade relationships and agreements and also the regulation of the EU based business enterprises benefiting from these special regimes.

The presentation of the ICJ research and reports comes at an important moment in the relationships of the EU with both Peru and Morocco.

As to the latter, the ICJ report will feed into the Human Rights dialogue between the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament and Morocco that is taking place today in Brussels.


Peru-Social Rights for Export Promotion-Publications-thematic report-2014-ENG (Full report in English – PDF)

Peru-Regimenes especiales exportacion-Publications-thematic report-2014-SPA (Full report in Spanish – PDF)

Morocco-Droits sociaux et regimes speciaux-Publications-thematic report-2014-FRE (Full Report in French – PDF)


Carlos Lopez, Senior Legal Advisor, Business and Human Rights Programme, t +41 22 979 3816, carlos.lopez(a)icj.org

Sandra Ratjen, Senior Legal Advisor, Economic, Social and cultural Rights Programme, t +41 22 979 3835, sandra.ratjen(a)icj.org


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