Report by Dr. Heleno Claudio Fragoso, Brazil, on the situation of defence lawyers in Argentina, March 1975

Latin America
Issue: Independence of Judges and Lawyers
Document Type: Thematic Report
Date: 1975

This report is based upon interviews and extensive research into the laws, executive decrees, judicial decisions and periodical collections.

The author examine firstly the position in which lawyers who engage in the defence of political detainees in Argentina find themselves. This position is one of the aspects of the process of political violence which the country is undergoing and concerning which, in the second part of the study ,the author presents certain data.

Part II covers

  • the state of siege
  • the subversive organisations
  • the activities of the para-police groups
  • attacks on the judiciary
  • arrests
  • torture on political prisoners
  • freedom of the press

Argentina-defense lawyers-fact-finding mission report-1975-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Argentina-defense lawyers-fact-finding mission report-1975-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)


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