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Code of Criminal Procedure (2007)

This Code of Criminal Procedure aims at defining the rules to be strictly followed and applied in order to clearly determine  the existence of a criminal offense. The provisions of this Code shall apply to criminal cases unless there are special rules set forth by separate laws.

The Code consists of eleven books, Titles, Chapters and Articles.

The Books are the following:

  1. Criminal and Civil Actions
  2. Authorities Entrusted with Prosecution, Investigation, and Interrogation Powers
  3. Police Inquiry
  4. Judicial Investigations
  5. Judgments
  6. Supreme Court
  7. Citations, Summons and Notifications
  8. Enforcement Procedure
  9. Special Proceedings
  10. Transitional Provision
  11. Final Provision

Cambodia-Code of Criminal Procedure-2007-eng-khm (full text in Khmer and English, PDF)

Cambodia-Code of Criminal Procedure-2007-fra (full text in French, PDF)

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