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SOGI UN source type Archives: Human rights treaty body

Concluding Observations, A/49/38, paras. 245-317, 12 April 1994: Netherlands

General observations 253. Members of the Committee commended the extensive, very detailed report, which adhered to the general guidelines and also contained ample statistics and graphs, and its presentation to the Committee. They welcomed the fact that the Convention had led to revisions of and additions to existing legislation and that it had been ratified […]

Concluding Observations, A/49/38, paras. 608-665, 12 April 1994: New Zealand

612. The Government had passed a new Human Rights Act in 1993, extending the grounds of prohibited discrimination. Its grounds would now cover gender issues, including pregnancy, childbirth, sexual harassment, marital and family status, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, religion, employment status and political opinion. The Act would come into force in 1994. (…) Link […]

Toonen v. Australia, Communication No. 488/1992, 4 April 1994: Australia

The facts as submitted by the author 2.1 The author is an activist for the promotion of the rights of homosexuals in Tasmania, one of Australia’s six constitutive states. He challenges two provisions of the Tasmanian Criminal Code, namely, sections 122 (a) and (c) and 123, which criminalize various forms of sexual contact between men, […]

Concluding Observations, CCPR/C/79/Add.27, 4 November 1993: Norway

7. With respect to equality and non-discrimination, developments relating to the granting to foreigners of the right to vote in local elections and to hold local office as well as legislative steps relating to the registration of partnership of the same sex are welcomed by the Committee. link to the full text of the Concluding […]

Communication No. 61/1979: Finland, CCPR/C/15/D/61/1979, Leo R. Hertzberg, Uit Mansson, Astrid Nikula and Marko and Tuovi Putkonen, represented by SETA (Organization for Sexual Equality) v Finland, April 2, 1982

10.1 Concerning Leo Rafael Hertzberg, the Committee observes that he cannot validly claim to be a victim or a breach by the State party of his right under article 19 (2) of the Covenant. The programme in which he took part was actually broadcast in 1976. No sanctions were imposed against him. Nor has the […]