South Sudan: ICJ supports UN action

The ICJ today joined other NGOs in calling on the UN Human Rights Council to take bold and decisive action to address the grave situation in South Sudan.

The statement, made during a Special Session of the Human Rights Council, convened on an urgent basis to discuss the situation in South Sudan, underscores the negative consequences of continuing impunity and lack of accountability, and calls among other things for the Human Rights Council resolution to be adopted that would:

·      Support a strengthened mandate and capacity of the UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan to investigate serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law and identify alleged perpetrators, with a special focus on sexual and gender based crimes.

·      Request that the report of the UN Commission is transmitted to the UN Security Council for consideration and further action.

·      Urge that all states encourage further concrete action to prevent a further escalation of violence and conflict, and to deter and address these on-going violations of international human rights and humanitarian law at the UN Security Council, including sanctions and the imposition of a comprehensive arms embargo.

·      Urge the African Union to take immediate steps to establish the hybrid court for South Sudan provided for in the 2015 peace agreement.

The Human Rights Council ultimately adopted, without a vote (i.e. by consensus), a resolution that includes many of these elements (final text not yet available).

The full statement can be downloaded in PDF format here: un-jointstatementsouthsudan-advocacy-2016

It was delivered by Human Rights Watch on behalf of:

  1. Amnesty International
  2. Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia
  3. Defend Defenders
  4. Human Rights Watch
  5. Humanity United
  6. International Commission of Jurists
  7. International Refugee Rights Initiative
  8. International Service for Human Rights
  9. National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Uganda
  10. Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network
  11. South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network



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