Sri Lanka: no reprisals for cooperation with the UN

The ICJ and other leading NGOs have called on the President and member states of the Human Rights Council, as well as the government of Sri Lanka, to take action to ensure no-one faces reprisals for cooperating with the United Nations.

In an open letter, the organisations cite a number of recent incidents, particularly around the ongoing investigation by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights into human rights violations in Sri Lanka. The letter makes specific calls for action to the Government of Sri Lanka, to the President of the Human Rights Council, and to the member states of the Council.

The letter was sent by the ICJ, Amnesty International, Asia Forum for Human Rights and Development, CIVICUS, the International Movement Against Discrimination and All Forms of Racism, and the International Service for Human Rights.

The letter in PDF format may be downloaded: SriLanka-Reprisals-UN-HumanRightsCouncil-advocacy-non-legal submissions-2014

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