Uzbekistan: ICJ research mission on access to justice for economic, social and cultural rights

From 10 to 14 December, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) conducted a research mission to Uzbekistan to identify some of the main obstacles impeding access to justice for economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights.

ICJ experts met with key stakeholders, including relevant State bodies, CSOs, independent experts and other actors to discuss legal and practical aspects of access to justice for ESC rights.

Adopting a legal aid system for cases related to ESC rights, public accessibility of court judgements including on ESC rights and its effect on enjoyment of ESC rights, relevant reforms which concern vulnerable groups were discussed among other things with the stakeholders.

The findings will be part of the report on access to justice for ESC rights in Uzbekistan.

The mission included Jarna Petma, ICJ Commissioner as well as a number of staff members of the ICJ Europe and Central Asia Programme.

The ICJ appreciates the facilitation of the Government of Uzbekistan and of the European Union Delegation, for essential support in organisation of the mission.


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