ICJ campaign for the establishment of the International Criminal Court

The time is right for an International Criminal Court, and the momentum is strong, says the ICJ.

The General Assembly of the United Nations will convene an Ad Hoc Committee at the U N Headquarters in New York from 3 to 13 April 1995, and, if necessary, from 14 to 25 August 1995, to discuss the establishment of such a court.

In June 1994, the International Law Commission (ILC) finalised its consideration of the issue and proposed a Revised Draft Statute to the General Assembly. During the last General Assembly meeting, States were requested to comment on the Statute by 15 March 1995.

The ICJ has some concerns on what is overall an excellent and realizable framework for an International Criminal Court.

ICJ Campaign International Criminal Court-non-legal submission-1995-eng (full text in English, PDF)
ICJ Campaign International Criminal Court-non-legal submission-1995-fra (full text in French, PDF)

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