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Ebulletin Year Archives: 2006

UN: Experts raise concerns at the General Assembly about counter-terrorism measures

In their reports submitted to the General Assembly in October, several human rights experts of the Human Rights Council raised concerns about the impact of counter-terrorism measures on human rights. Martin Scheinin, Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights, expressed particular concern at the adverse impact of counter-terrorism on freedoms of assembly and association.

Russian Federation: State found responsible for disappearances in Chechnya

On 9 November, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia had violated the European Convention on Human Rights in two cases involving the enforced disappearance of three individuals in Chechnya. The Court found Russia violated the disappeared individuals’ rights to life, liberty and security as well as their relatives’ rights to be free […]

Russian Federation: Committee Against Torture criticizes secret detention, torture and disappearances in Chechnya

In its concluding observations on the Russian Federation released on 29 November, the Committee against Torture (CAT) expressed concern about allegations of unofficial places of detention in the North Caucasus and of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment practiced in those facilities. It also called on the Russian Federation to take all necessary measures […]

Turkey: UN experts on arbitrary detention visit Turkey

At the conclusion of its visit to Turkey from 9-20 October, the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention welcomed the strengthened safeguards against arbitrary detention in the criminal justice system. The experts nevertheless expressed concerns at the lower procedural standards applicable to terrorism cases, including the power of the police to detain suspects in custody […]

The Netherlands: Senate approves new anti-terrorism laws

On 14 November, the Dutch Senate adopted two bills on counter-terrorism. The first law will give law enforcement agencies greater investigative powers such as surveillance, infiltration and wiretapping. The second law will prohibit organizations on the UN or EU terrorist lists to perform any legal acts in the Netherlands and make it a criminal offense […]

Italy: Removal of head of intelligence services allegedly involved in CIA abduction

On 20 November, the Italian Cabinet removed the Director of the Italian Intelligence and Security Services, General Nicolò Pollari, alleged to have assisted the CIA in the abduction of an Egyptian, Abu Omar in Milan in 2003. In October, prosecutors announced the completion of their investigation into the abduction. They continued pressing for the extradition […]