ICJ holds its third training programme for Central Asian lawyers in Geneva

Today, the ICJ begins its third International Human Rights Training Programme for Lawyers from Central Asia.

The objective of this programme is to train Central Asian lawyers on application of international human rights law in criminal proceedings.

In the course of the programme, the participants will learn how to use international human rights law in national courts and to make effective use of international human rights mechanisms.

Leading international experts and practitioners will share their insights with the participants of the training programme on how to interpret key concepts of international human rights law and apply them in practice, both nationally and internationally.

The training programme is built around the study of the relevant international jurisprudence on the right to fair trial, right to liberty, freedom from torture and other ill-treatment, and associated rights, including cases originating from Central Asian region considered by UN treaty bodies, such as the UN Human Rights Committee.

“Lawyers are on the frontline of implementing international human rights law in practice, and this remains an enormous challenge in Central Asia,” said Róisín Pillay, Director of the ICJ Europe and CIS Programme.

“The programme presents a unique opportunity for lawyers from the region to meet key experts in international human rights law, officials from the UN Secretariat and other lawyers from the ICJ network, and to develop practical expertise on how to apply international human rights law in the defence of their clients,” she added.

In the course of the training programme, the participants will attend one of the meetings during the 60th session of the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) that will take place in Geneva on 18 April–12 May 2017.

The 25 participants have been selected through a rigorous process from among 150 applications from across the region, which testifies to the growing interest of lawyers from the region in applying international human rights standards in their practice.

The ICJ is grateful to the European Union for its support of this initiative.

Download training materials in Russian:

Central Asia-Arbitrary arrest and detention-Training Modules-2017-RUS

Central Asia-CIS lawyers training-Training Modules-2017-RUS

Central Asia-Master file caselaw-GTP-Training Modules-2017-RUS

Central Asia-NRefpresMFICJ-CIS training-Training Modules-2017-RUS

Central Asia-PIL and HRL_Sassoli-Training Modules-2017-RUS

Central Asia-PPT Right to life-Training Modules-2017-RUS

Central Asia-Torture Pollard-Training Modules-2017-RUS


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